Film made in may 2015. Camera manual settings (color temperature, aperture and shutter speed, white balance) set before the start gave and amazinf color effect with totally cloudy sky.

Wedding videos recorded from the drone are unusual addition to the wedding film, so we trully encourage to use this opportunity.

The procedure is as follows:

We set the date and locations on the phone, then we verify the equipment  capabilities, security measures in these locations and we all possible obstacles. Then if there will be more details to discuss or full script of actions, we will contact you.

We stick to our few rules:

  1. We do not fly above the guests heads
  2. We fly and film from the safe distance
  3. We secure start and landing of the drone
  4. We apply for the formal permission to fly above airport zones if it’s nessesary.

We have the right to decline the job if:

  1. There are safety issues which don’t allow use to fly the drone (dense afforestation, high-tension wires badly situated, small area to maneuver )
  2. Weather complications (rain or snow, strong wind, low temperature below 0 degrees)
  3. No formal permission to fly in resticted zones
  4. We do not fly the drone inside the buildings

One flight takes usually 10 minutes and it is sufficient amount of time to fully record the material of one object. If we agree to film 3 locations, then we will have to use 3 batteries. Whole recorded material will be given to the operator for edition and to the customer.

The price is negotiated individually and it depends of the amount of flights, safety level and locations. We have our base and main locations in Warsaw but we work throughout the country (additional transport cost added to the price)

Weddings filmed from the sky gives unusual perspective and breathtaking views of this special event. Please check our offer and take a look at our films and photos.

On this page you can find commercial productions and test fligths.

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