Aerial Filming from drone

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What is our mission

We aerial filming using proffesional flying equipment. Materials we prepare are in the best quality and can be used in many different purposes. We deliver unedited recordings (films and videos) or finished and polished edited films with soundtrack.

Our equipment

We record videos in full HD and also 4K resolution. Our main drone, which we mostly use is Hexacopter S900 from DJI. This equipment (8,5 kilos full set) with picture stabilizer and camera gives amazing results and  cinema quality movies showing breathtaking materials from different hights.

Our qualifications

Our company is certified by Aviation Authority in Poland with UAVO licence. With this licence we can provide services using unmanned aerial vehicles with total guarantee of safety and experience, which is our primary concern when undertaking any aerial filming or photography. We also have OC insurance for unmanned flying systems which is essential for drone flights.

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